Introducing Kaito and the future of RFP response.

By Andreea | July 27, 2018

Responding to RFP’s is an essential sales activity. It’s also among the most tedious and time-consuming. Kaito RFP is here to change that.

Kaito is an RFP response automation platform that helps sales teams deliver faster and higher quality RFP responses. As the newest addition to the Quandora family, Kaito is building on Quandora’s expertise in Question & Answer and Knowledge Sharing solutions for large organizations. Kaito is a powerful new application of Quandora’s core technology.

The Genesis

Kaito was inspired by our customers.

Quandora works with large organizations, whose sales teams are bombarded with lengthy but mission critical RFP’s. We started hearing a common question from our customers: Can Quandora help me respond to RFP’s?

We wanted to hear more – How are RFP responses written today? What are the pain points? How many RFP’s do you receive each month?

Our customers had a lot to say. Sales managers described a high volume of similar, but non-identical RFP’s that demanded fast turnaround to win business. Sales teams were spending time searching through old RFP responses and copying content to current RFP’s. This process was repetitive and mind-numbing, but also suboptimal for the quality of the final response.

Quandora was already adept at managing questions and answers. Could it also manage RFP requirements and responses?

It could indeed! Requirement and response matching requires the same technical infrastructure as question and answer matching. Quandora’s core technology could be transformed to help our customers respond to RFP’s faster and better.

Designing the Solution

A Quandora-powered RFP solution could go far beyond a simple RFP knowledge base. We could build an interactive and collaborative response automation platform on top of Quandora’s already fully-featured, well-established, and scalable Question & Answer platform.

The RFP solution would combine Quandora’s core functions (data model, users/groups/roles system, search, tagging, relationship engine) with a dedicated UX, import/export options, and a response automation engine. Since Quandora fully exposes its functions through API, we could create an entirely new experience on top of its foundation.

Kaito RFP Dashboard


Introducing Kaito

Over the past few months, the Quandora team has been hard at work developing a prototype and beta RFP solution. We’ve named it Kaito – a Japanese word that means “answer”. Our customers have been with us every step of the way, providing feedback and making their needs heard.

Kaito will deliver 3 key benefits to RFP responders:

1. Save Time: Kaito can quickly search a large database of existing RFP responses and suggest appropriate content for current RFP’s. No more manual searches. No more copying/pasting. No more responding to the same requirement over and over again.

2. Refine Responses: Kaito’s similarity engine suggests the best response for a given context by choosing among a similar set. Users collaborate on the Kaito platform to validate Kaito’s suggestions and craft responses to new questions. Kaito-powered RFP responses are more accurate and more comprehensive.

3. Elevate the Sales Function: By eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks, Kaito helps sales teams spend more time on high-value sales activities, like customer meetings and pitch presentations. Kaito helps sales teams focus on what matters.

Kaito Beta

Kaito’s Beta program is well under way. Beta customers are already testing Kaito’s import/export functionality and helping us optimize UX and hone the accuracy of suggested responses. Customers are seeing faster response times and higher response quality with each interaction.

If your company or sales team is frustrated by its RFP response process, sign up for the Kaito Beta program today. Tell us about your problems and frustrations so that we can help fix them.

We cannot wait to grow Kaito into the full RFP response automation solution sales teams have been waiting for!

Stay tuned and stay with us,

The Kaito team


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