7 Things You Need to Know When Writing an RFP Response

By Andra Postolache | November 22, 2018
It’s common knowledge that you need to stand out from your competitors in order to win projects. The first step to achieving this is writing a good RFP response – concise, clear, well-structured. To this […]
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5 Reasons Why IT Requests for Proposal (RFPs) Slow Down Procurement

By Andra Postolache | October 31, 2018
When it comes to the IT industry, requests for proposal (RFPs) response process can turn into a drag, keeping the organisation from evolving and staying relevant as technology develops. Why is this happening? Well, the […]
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5 RFP Response Collaboration Tactics to Improve Your Response Process

By Andra Postolache | September 18, 2018
Working at an RFP response manually can be sometimes be challenging, as responders can end up spending up to 40 hours on a single response, according to Greenspring Advisors. And this automatically translates to wasting […]
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7 RFP Best Practices to Improve Your Response Process

By Andra Postolache | September 3, 2018
Putting together the response for a Request For Proposal (RFP) can be meticulous work. And sadly, you can end up labouring over a proposal and eventually find – on rejection – that everything hinged on […]
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Introducing Kaito and the future of RFP response.

By Andreea | July 27, 2018
Responding to RFP’s is an essential sales activity. It’s also among the most tedious and time-consuming. Kaito RFP is here to change that. Kaito is an RFP response automation platform that helps sales teams deliver […]
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